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We are truly grateful for the help and assistance provided by so many kind and caring individuals and companies.

In no particular order, we are particularly grateful to :


Cherry Cliffe & friends

Annika Van Zyl of Rand Merchant Bank

Dr. Felix Schneier

Rotary Honeydew Merlin

Linda Geldenhuis

Karin Vandeventer & James Gutherie of VVM

Felicity Levine

Dr. Dion Koekemoer

Dr's. Marais Lee & Elshove

Nazira Cachalia

Zelma Opland

Ann Erwin

Barbara Hammerschlag

Sanet Van Mazijk

Mr. Ramalho

Ceroino Familey

Danielle Mostyn

Pat Van Der Berg

Rosemarie Hunter

Van Loggerdori Hyman

Sm Van Coller

Mr. Friedlein & Clifton

Sharon Routier & Clive and Linda Hall

J Dippenaar Sasha

L H Neumann

Jeremy & Jacqui Mansfield

Charis Steed

Rosemary Kirschman

The Walsh Family

Natalie Dembo

Dennis Farrel

Gayle Ramsey

Therese Van Wyk

Sue White



Kitty & Puppy Haven

Kitty & Puppy Shelter

Cat Village

Dr. Zoe Van Righ

Roodepoort SPCA

Merinda Brits from 4paws

Beauty without Cruelty

Animals Rights Africa

Many anonymous donors who bring clothing, food, and other necessary items

Southcomm Africa and Savannah Commodities for their continued commitment and on-going monthly donations which
are such a blessing!

Karen-Instavet for 35 bottles of aromatherapy shampoo for dogs.

Luke, Hannah and team
at Worldwide Veterinary Services UK for Veterinary books for our library.

Mrs. Blair for newspapers and R50 each time we collect them.

Anthony’s Fast Print for 500 copies of our admission forms.

Generous and welcome donations, which enable us to do
more, from : David Rose, and a few name unknown donations!

Princess & Chloe

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