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:: April - May 2008
Dear Friends,

Forgive our silence, but recent events have left us devastated and battling to cope. Amidst positive things such as Earth Day (22nd April), International Day for Laboratory Animals (24th April), and Freedom Day (27th April), our world was ironically shattered by the xenophobic attacks and related violence. Added to the human catastrophe is the little publicised fact that many animals have been victims of these tragic events as well.

CLAW have been helping where they can, taking food to animals that cannot yet be rescued, due to lack of facilities, and also due to the fact that many are traumatised, and hiding by day. Those that could be rescued to date, some in appalling conditions, have overflowed our limited facilities, and stretched our resources further than ever before.

We are very fortunate to have with us at present two special volunteers from Canada, previously volunteers as part of the Eco-Life Tour last year, Jennifer and Laura, who have helped us so tremendously in these trying times that we don’t know what we would have done without them.

We will update you fully on the effects of the xenophobic situation shortly, but for now we just need
to try and catch up where we left off before our world was turned upside down!

Sincere thanks to everybody that has rallied to our aid in these trying times, helping to find homes for the many displaced and abandoned animals, and also those that donated much needed food to distribute, and funding to help us cope under the strain. You help and support has been a great comfort and provided a vital lifeline for many destitute animals.

Bless you and thank you!

“Behold, I do not give lectures or a little charity. When I give, I give myself.”
Walt Whitman


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